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Garbage Disposal Repair in Fargo, ND

Did your garbage disposal grind to a halt? Allow Fargo Plumbing to fix the problem. Our plumbers make sure you get back to the daily "grind" in your kitchen. Whether your disposal needs cleaning, repairs or replacing, Fargo Plumbing is here to help. Our plumbing technicians work with all types of disposals and have tried-and-true remedies to resolve any problem. Best of all, our rates are very affordable. When your disposal is clogged, humming, or not working at all, you can depend on our team for prompt garbage disposal repair in Fargo and all of North Dakota. If your system cannot be repaired, we also provide garbage disposal replacement.

How to Prevent a Clogged Garbage Disposal

A common misconception about garbage disposals is that they can handle any type of food you throw in them. This is simply not true. Depending on the horsepower of your unit, your disposal may freeze up, break, or cause a clogged pipe. The issue is worsened by the type of food you're feeding it. To prevent a clogged garbage disposal, don't put the following in them:

• Potato Skins
• Grease, Oil, or Fat
• Starchy or Stringy Vegetables
• Pasta & Rice
• Fruit Pits, Seeds, or Peels
• Bones or Shells (Including Egg Shells)

Affordable Garbage Disposal Installation

Why pay high prices for a new garbage disposal? Sometimes, a hard object is wedged between the blades, or the disposal has accumulated waste that has jammed the entire system. Regardless of the problem, we are often able to repair the issue. If not, we provide affordable garbage disposal installation. Get the disposal you need at a price you can afford.

Garbage Disposal Repair Equipment in Fargo, ND

Garbage Disposal Replacement Services

Don't startle your family or guests when you turn on the garbage disposal. If it sounds like a buzz saw, it may be time to replace it. Cut down on the noise in your kitchen by upgrading to a new and improved disposal. We perform affordable garbage disposal replacement to ensure a smooth-running system. By adding a disposal with more horsepower, you enjoy a more efficient and quiet unit. From economy garbage disposals to top-of-the-line, high horsepower disposals, we offer a wide variety of replacements that cater to your budget. Our licensed plumbers install all makes and models and advise you on the best disposal for your needs and the size of your sink.

Contact us for prompt repairs if your garbage disposal is humming, but not grinding. We proudly serve customers in Fargo & all of North Dakota.

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